Since 1984, Computer Strategies, a family owned corporation located in Tucson, Arizona, has helped exceptional candidates find the career opportunities that meet their needs and expectations. We also excel at matching our companies' needs to the best IT Professionals.

Computer Strategies is a select group of recruiting professionals which have not only an understanding of but actual experience in the IT industry. Using our extensive knowledge of the industry, we recruit only the best candidates and carefully match their needs and interests with those of the companies we serve.

Our corporate clients have come to depend on not only the quality of candidates that we find for them, but also on the prescreening services that we provide such as prequalifying interviews, and degree and reference checks. Our services, therefore, provide our corporate clients with a cost-effective search solution for identifying the best candidates the industry has to offer.

Career Path

One's career path is much like the story of Iitoi: changing, uncertain, sometimes confusing. At Computer Strategies, we dedicate ourselves to helping you navigate your career path, by providing you with information about your options and preparing you for new opportunities.



I'itoi: The Man in the Maze

The story of Iitoi is also the story of every human being, traveling through life as through a maze, taking many turns, exploring new territory, yet growing stronger and wiser from the journey.

-Tohono O'odham Folklore


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